Heritage at Marshall, Virginia, Part 2 of 2 [May 2022]

KT Enterprises [KTE] has partnered again with a local leading home builder, Van Metre Homes, for a new housing development in Marshall, Virginia; a small town in Fauquier County about 50 miles (80 km) west of DC.  In our last post, we featured the poolhouse.   In this second installment, we turn our focus towards some of the additional landscape features KTE was responsible for. The welcoming entry signage was kept simple but inviting with low-maintenance and durable plants.  The community center building is a renovated existing home and several large trees were saved and protected to give an established look to the property. To enhance the existing trees, several large 4-10” caliper trees were spaded onto the site along with a variety of 2-3 in caliper trees of various species. One large maple in particular was installed within a circular park with benches and flowering shrubs to provide a shaded resting place. Underneath the existing trees in the parking area large beds of variegated Liriope were planted to provide a colorful interest in the shade.  To add an additional blast of color, an extensive bed of diverse perennials was planted on a prominent slope to provide color all summer and reduce the need to mow this steep slope.  Even though this is a new community, the design and installation investment has captured the local feel and makes this community fit right in.

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