KTE Plant Vendors:  Shrubs

KT Enterprises [KTE] prides itself in finding the best plant material and having it available for year-round installation. We have invested in a team of knowledgeable buyers with over 75 years of combined experience that have cultivated long-term relationships with both first- and second-generation growers. We travel the entire country to source the wide variety of material needed to complete our projects.  We partner with over one hundred growers that produce a variety of plant material from seasonal color to flats of ground covers to perennials and grasses to container shrubs to B&B shade and evergreen trees.  There is very rarely a plant that KTE cannot acquire and then install, from unique hand-selected specimens to large quantities of matching street trees or thousands of grasses, perennials or wetland plants.

We focus our resources on procuring sustainable plant material that will look great not only upon installation but for the long term. With many of our projects going in phases, over multiple years, our diverse mix of customers know they can rely on KTE to get the best quality plant material year after year and then see the benefits of their landscaping investment thrive and grow.

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