Potomac Shores Grading [Jul 2022]

KT Enterprises [KTE] has been the landscape installer of choice for the developer of Potomac Shores in Woodbridge, Virginia for nearly a decade.  With new sections opening up in this multi-phase job, KTE can be found on this job site annually. It takes extensive training and experience to have be an adaptable company staffed with team members that can take on any project big or small any time of year.

In this phase, our team is grading by hand and with the use of a skilled skidloader operator on a steep slope near a drainage swale and existing wood line preparing for a buffer to be planted. This “hand” work and attention to detail is a value added service that KTE provides to fill the gap between the mass grading left by the site contractor and the finish work expected by the developer and homeowners. In addition, thru our long term relationship with the developer and coordinating with their construction schedule, KTE invested in procuring the plant material needed for this phase in the spring and kept it maintained so that it could be planted in the middle of the summer, when it would not be possible to obtain this material if we had waited.

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