Meadowbrook South Berm [Jul 2022]

This community just south of Leesburg, Virginia has been under development for several years and KT Enterprises [KTE] has been the exclusive landscaper since day one.  Now in phase five, a new berm to screen off a local road has been planted with mixture of native and non-native trees and shrubs.  One of the main challenges KTE had to overcome was the acquiring and storing the seasonal nursery stock until this job was ready to be planted during the summer. KTE’s 12 acre nursery yard allows us to procure material during the appropriate digging window and store 2,000-3,000 trees above ground in our irrigated nursery until jobs are ready as a value-added service to our customers. After installation we will follow up on this site and many other with our fleet of watering trucks to keep material irrigated until it can get established.

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