Brambleton Performance Barn Berm [Jan 2022]

There is no berm too big that KT Enterprises [KTE] does not have the resources to landscape! Working closely with the developer, this berm was constructed so that the barn/soon to be event center in Brambleton, Virginia, could screen off the adjoining future commercial property and provide an enjoyable outdoor space for the community.  In phase one, with the assistance of Total Development Solutions [TDS], one of our affiliated companies, thousands of yards of soil was imported and shaped into a massive berm.  In phase two, a mixture of large, mature shade and ornamental trees in the 6” to 10” caliper range were tree-spaded and transplanted onto the berm from KTE’s satellite nursery and holding yard.  The scale of these mature trees provide instant impact and the framework for additional “smaller” trees and shrubs to be installed at a later date in phase three and finally seeding this spring in phase four. We look forward to the completion of this unique berm that is just another step in an over-twenty-year multi-phase long-term relationship-driven project.

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