Brambleton Streetscape in Early Spring [Mar 2022]

A good streetscape should have a diverse mixture of shade, ornamental and evergreen trees, and shrubs along with grasses, perennials, and turf to provide year-round interest. This streetscape was designed and installed by KT Enterprises [KTE] in 2018 and now has matured providing multiple benefits to the community and commuters that utilize this road. Residents are able to enjoy a relaxing stroll on the trails that parallels this landscaping element all while providing a visual and noise buffer between the street and their homes.

Okamé cherries are the among first cherries to bloom in the spring with their abundance of vibrant pink flowers that will lead this streetscape into a succession of color throughout the spring and summer. The Cryptomeria provide a backdrop of green in all seasons and larger shade trees provide a canopy for shade in the summer. As the season progresses, thousands of shrubs, perennials, and grasses will provide large drifts of color and seasonal interest.

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