Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park Lodge Irrigation [mid-Apr 2022]

Work continues on one of Loudoun County’s largest and newest parks, Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park.  KT Irrigation [KTI] is nearing completion of an extensive irrigation system that not only covers 15 sports fields but also provides irrigated spaces around many of the amenities. These photos highlight the experienced team work that has helped KTI stay on schedule for this multi-year project that required the coordination of several trades, especially the site work that is being completed by TDS, one of our affiliated companies. We are looking forward to having power connected to the multi well system this spring so that this complex irrigation system can be fully utilized in its automated settings. a parade road on the existing turf field, viewing pavilion, seating area, walkways, landscaping, irrigation, lighting and numerous granite memorial plaques and pavers.

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