Meadowbrook Pond [Oct 2022]

KT Enterprises [KTE] has been the sole landscaper at Meadowbrook, a Van Metre community just south of Leesburg on US Route 15 since its inception several years ago.  We are nearing completion of the final phase of this project on the west side of Battlefield Parkway. This large pond was installed in the first phase on the east side and with the project near completion the developer has mucked it out, had it graded and is ready for landscaping and seeding. It takes teamwork to get any project done and it is evident in these photos of our hydroseeding crew working hard together to drag hoses around.  It also take experience, with one of our senior team members, with over thirty years of experience at the helm and making sure each of the numerous seed mixes gets applied evenly and at the correct rates.  KTE will be back at the right time in the spring to plant thousands of aquatic plugs to complete this pond installation project.

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