National Museum of the United States Army (NMUSA), [Apr 2023, Update]

It has been a little over a year since we first shared photos of KT Enterprises [KTE] as the general contractor for the installation of the new parade grounds, plaza, and connecting walkways at the National Museum of the United States Army and a tremendous amount of hardscaping and landscaping has been completed. Several thousand individually-labeled granite pavers supplied by donors have been installed along with a steel pavilion in the viewing area/plaza. Exposed aggregate walkways connecting the parade grounds to the parking lot and main building are complete. In addition, our construction department has been busy installing benches, custom granite signage, lighting, drainage, and edging. KT irrigation has all their main line, laterals, drip and stub ups for turf heads installed. Trees have planted around the site with specific attention to the tree planters in the plaza area. There are three landscaping crews finishing off the job with close to thirty tractor-trailer loads of sod to be installed so the site is ready for its dedication before the deadline and on budget. As a unique detail KT worked very closely with the landscape architect and the leadership team from the museum and several other entities to install a memorial comprised of actual stone from the exterior of the Pentagon that was impacted on September 11th. We will have a future post to show this project once completed and we invite everyone to enjoy this facility that is now open to the public.

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