IAD 215 Tree Planting, [Apr 2023]

If you have driven anywhere near the Loudoun County Parkway or Waxpool Road in Ashburn, Virginia, you cannot miss the abundance of data centers.  These massive concrete buildings store a tremendous amount of information on the severs inside but the outside still needs landscaping to help their curb appeal and provide some green space.  It is not hard to plant trees but on a commercial site with utilities and a strict tolerance for straight lines and proper spacing it takes another level of skill.  The crews at KT Enterprises [KTE] are experienced and know what it takes to plant a tree properly so they look good initially and will thrive for many years. We pride ourselves in consistent work and taking the time to get spacing and trees planted perfectly plumb and straight even if the trees will only be seen by very few people like on a secure site of a data center. You can also see in the background numerous trees that are being stored and maintained on site to be planted later this spring.

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