Atlantic Research Corporation [ARC] Wetlands Plugs Installation [July 2023]

We featured the extensive installation of trees and shrubs on the ARC (Atlantic Research Corporation) site in Gainesville, Virginia in July.   KT Enterprises [KTE] is now installing over 55,000 (!) wetland herbaceous plugs into properly prepared areas around the several man-made ponds on the property as part of this site’s revitalization as a future host site for data centers.  We worked very closely with our growing partner for several months to insure the quantity and quality of plants needed met expectations.  Installation will take several weeks, but the plants are responding quickly to being installed in their new home.  In order to reduce browse damage from geese and other animals during establishment, a network of orange safety fence topped with nylon rope above was installed along with a small stake to hold each plug in place.  Although this is not an especially glamorous job, working in and around water on hot summer days has its advantages and our team members have the tools and experience to complete this job.

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