Silver District West [December 2023]

KT Enterprises [KTE] continues its twenty-plus year relationship with the developers of Brambleton, Soave Enterprises, and has started the first phase of an extensive streetscape planting along the Loudoun County Parkway just west of the Dulles Toll Road.  The Silver District West project of 158 acres will be a collection of townhomes, apartments, schools, parks and commercial space all with easy access to the Metro’s Silver Line.  This newest planting keeps in style with their signature investments in landscaping that are prevalent throughout the 2,800 acres of Brambleton. Hundreds of larger trees and thousands of shrubs have been installed and this spring the second phase with thousands of perennials and grasses will be installed to give the numerous commuters along this route year-round attractive scenery. We will follow up with additional posts later this year to highlight this signature project.

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